NFT collection
Huge rewards on the WAX blockchain

It's time for Alice to step into the Metaverse

• Play with friends and other players in this fun and addictive side scrolling shooter.
• Must own a NFT character in your WAX wallet to play. (phase 3)

• On PC + Mobile, no download required.

• Non-stop 3 minute PVP battles.

• Climb the leaderboard & boost your stats + ranking. (phase 2)

• Play to earn WAX rewards. (phase 3)

• Participate in tournaments with a team, clan or solo. (phase 4)
• Featuring an additional beautiful free to play pc storyline game made in unreal engine. Discord community controls the game.

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2D Multiplayer NFT Shooter Game


3d Single player free to play Shooter Game


2 Games

Because 2 is better than 1

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NFT Game
2D Multiplayer Shooter

Play with your friends on PC or Mobile in this non stop PVP shooter game. Use your NFTs and earn WAX rewards. Build a ranking and climb the leaderboard to become the best.

Check out our NFT collection on the Atomic Hub marketplace.
All characters in the multiplayer game are limited player owned NFTs.

WAX Blockchain
Coming soon

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free to play PC Game
3D Single Player Shooter

Play as Alice in a mythical metaland. Clues will be hidden throughout the game for Free limited alice in metaland NFTs.
Players control the storyline & updates in our discord community.

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60% of all WAX earned from main NFT sales goes into the rewards pool!