Alice in Metaland

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2D Multiplayer Shooter

A One-of-a-Kind Game That Offers Endless Excitement at Your Fingertips.

Play with your friends on PC or Mobile in this non stop PVP shooter game.
Use your NFT characters and earn WAX token rewards.
Build a ranking and climb the leaderboard to become the best.
Start a clan or team and participate in tournaments.


4.8 Rating


"Very simple and fun game, I really like the fact that I can play with up to 8 friends at any time. Very excited to see the changes and features it will have in the future."

Wang Wai

"The multiplayer demo is already better than most established NFT projects I've seen. This has a ton of potential."

Jose Pablo

"I'm a fan of anything Alice and I absolutely love the Alice in Metaland character designs. The animated NFTs are so cool."

Priya Gunga


Challenge a Friend or others Against the Clock as You Battle and Earn Rewards in this Quick Game PVP shooter

Auto matchmaking system. Play on PC or Mobile, no download required.
Own your characters as NFTs on the WAX blockchain.
Buy and sell them on different NFT marketplaces such as; AtomicHub, NFT Hive and Nefty Blocks.

Weekly and monthly solo, team and clan tournaments for huge rewards.

A community based game.
Host your own lobby for up to 8 players with chat features.
Create a clan and earn clan rewards.

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Multiplayer alpha demo

v 0.3