we are alice

a Brand
A Game
A community

The path less travelled leads to mystery.

A sip of the rabbit’s potent potion,

points to the awakening of a curious notion.

All it takes is to progress and defy history.


The push of a button to boot up a system;

a virtual game space where we all can belong;

how can a little fun behind a screen be wrong?

Join in the game at our table, prove your wisdom.


A friendly rivalry, player versus player.

Trade blows and much more as you face off;

the internet is the arsenal of the tough,

whilst your friends play beside you, pushing each other on.


The table is laid,

the tea party prepared.

Time to take a seat.


The game must be played,

a winner declared.

Think you can be beat?


The Metaverse awaits,
the rabbit hole- a race course.

Will you join the ride?
Drink the potion from the source?


we are all


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